At Aiskae Driving School, we offer driver education to help keep you safe and confident on the road.  Whether you’re a first-time driver or you’ve been driving for a while, we have a variety of courses that will help you become more comfortable and knowledgeable behind the wheel.  Below is a list of the classes we currently offer.


Defensive Driving/ Point Reduction Class

This is the Driving School Association of New Jersey Defensive Driving Course and the New Jersey Violators Point Reduction program. The defensive driving course helps new drivers gain confidence and experienced drivers gain skills that even years of driving in New Jersey’s busy roads can seldom bring. If you have points on your license, you can get up to 2 points off with the NJ Point Reduction Course. The insurance reduction program helps reduce your Insurance rate annually for up to 3 years if you don’t have more than 4 points on your license. You can retake this course and get more discounts on your NJ Insurance after the 3 years have passed.

Instructors: Anthony Scarpelli & John DeGiovanni – Certified Defensive Driving Instructors


Online Defensive Driving Course

Aiskae Driving School is pleased to offer an online defensive driving course.  This course provides the student with invaluable information on the proper techniques to be an alert, safe, and defensive driver.

This course is for drivers of any age, with any level of driving experience. Students that complete this course will receive a certificate of completion, and may be eligible to have up to 2 points removed from their driver license as well as discounts on their auto insurance.


Parent’s Guide to Driving with Your New Teen Driver

This course is offered at many Adult School Programs in the area (Nutley, Rutherford, Kearny, Wayne). Please call to find out when our next class is being offered.

This one and half-hour course is designed to help parents and guardians become comfortable with a new teen driver. Topics covered will include: how to prepare and understand new Motor Vehicle Regulations (MVC), the process your teen must go through in order to get on the road safely, what role a driving school plays in preparing your child for the road and finally what to do when it is YOUR TURN to drive with your teen. Join us for an informative program designed to make you more comfortable with this major event in your child’s life. Each family will receive handouts, a useful booklet to help you in the future and a coupon for future lessons through Aiskae Driving School.


Aiskae Driving School provides two levels of NJ road test services. Our basic service provides a certified driving instructor and an expertly maintained, dual controlled vehicle to pick you up on the day of your test, bring you to the NJ MVC Driver Testing Center and return you home immediately following your test.

Our advanced service provides all of the basic service, with an additional refresher practice lesson immediately prior to your test, where we will review and highlight important points like parallel parking, to help ensure the NJ road test is completed with confidence and ease!

Be sure to bring all of the required paperwork to your test.  Click here to see what you need!



AISKAE DRIVING SCHOOL will present a 6 hour behind the wheel driver training course broken up into three two-hour classes.

During the 6 hour behind the wheel driver training program, your child will learn a number of techniques and topics in order to help him/her drive safely. The topics covered by the AisKae Driving School driving instructors are listed below.  These skills are all taught throughout the program. Most importantly, our emphasis on DEFENSIVE DRIVING.

By successfully completing our 6 hour behind the wheel program, the student’s NJ learners permit will be validated and the student will receive a “Certificate of Completion” which can be presented to the student’s insurance company for an insurance discount.

The following is a summary of the skills taught during the behind the wheel lessons:
  • Adjusting of seat, mirrors
  • Check parking brake
  • Ignition switch on
  • Seat belts
  • Gearshift in proper position
  • Starting of engine
  • Check traffic
  • Putting vehicle in motion
  • Checking traffic
  • Proper position
  • Gearshift in proper position
  • Shutting engine off
  • Signaling
  • Stopping vehicle smoothly and safely
  • Setting parking brake
  • Proper hand positions on wheel
  • Center of lane
  • Proper grip on wheel
  • Aim high in steering
  • Signaling
  • Right turns
  • Right turn on red
  • Vehicle Position
  • Left turns
Highway Driving
  • Lane Positioning
  • Changing lanes
  • Merging
  • Signaling
  • Speed control
  • Signaling
  • Right of way
  • Lane positioning
  • Passing
Three Point Turn
  • Signaling
  • Checking of traffic
  • Vehicle positioning
  • Turning
  • Signaling
  • Vehicle positioning
  • Turning of wheel
  • Proper gear position
  • Ignition off
  • Checking of traffic
  • Hand position
  • Speed control
  • Set brakes
  • Remove Key
  • Checking traffic
  • Straight Line
  • Speed control
  • Hand position


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  • This driving school really helped me out, I was extremely nervous at first and John showed me how to be relaxed behind the wheel and I learned all of the most important aspects to being a safe driver, and pass my driver's test. I also had a good time while I was learning. John was a great instructor and I recommend this driving school and John Thanks for all of your help

    Dan Wayne Hills High School
  • My son Michael just passed his driving test on Tuesday, March 18th with the help of your wonderful instructor Bruce. Bruce was so warm and friendly and made Michael feel so comfortable. Throughout the entire process, he went out of his` way to make this confusing and often nerve-wracking experience very easy and pleasurable for all of us. Thank you and we will be sure to recommend Aiskae Driving School.

    Stacy Botwinick Wayne, NJ
  • This driving school really went out of their way to help me to get my permit on time.  I contacted them only 2 weeks before the required 6 months before my 17th birthday in order to get my license in time.  They worked extremely hard and were able to fit me into their schedule quickly so that I could get my license as soon as possible.  Their staff are extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and kind. Thanks again AisKae.

    Dave Wayne Valley High School
  • Mr. Scarpelli, We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent job you have done preparing our son for driving.  From the moment we phoned your office to the completion of the driving course, you and your office staff have been professional and understanding in all aspects.  We will gladly recommend Aiskae Driving School to our friends and family.

    Patricia and Philip Sainz 16-year-old behind the Wheel Training Program
  • Aiskae Driving School has made me feel comfortable and confident while getting my permit and my license. I had no driving experience going into the school. The instructors were reliable and trustworthy. They made me feel safe out on the roads. When time came for my license they gave me a freshening up course to make sure I was ready. Thank you to John and everyone else in the Aiskae staff for making this experience one to never forget.

    Sara DaSilva Kearny High School
  • Joseph had never driven before until that first day with John (great job John, couldn’t have done it without you!!!). Thanks to all of you for being so courteous on my first contact via telephone, when I left the documents, for always being so accommodating to my son's schedule, and for bringing him home for me a few times.  It was a pleasurable experience and I am glad I chose your school to help my son get his license. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE AT AIKSAE!!!

    Susan Albistur Road Test Refresher Program, Road Test Accompaniment
  • Aiskae driving school is the best. All of the advisors are great at their job AND they are fun teachers. They make driving easy and natural for beginners; yet teach you the proper way of going about it. Thanks =)

    Lexi Nutley High School
  • My son Michael Cresci took driving lessons from Aiskae Driving School, Anthony Scarpelli was his instructor and he did a great job. He was very reliable and took care of everything necessary for him to get his permit. He even made an appointment for him to get his license.  I would highly recommend them and will definitely use them again for my other children.

    Maryann Cresci 16 Year Old Behind the Wheel Training Program
  • Well I just want to say that John D. is a great instructor.  I mean the others must be great as well and John has helped me every step of the way explaining why everything is done. Thanks for everything,

    Franco Gamero Kearny High School
  • Bruce was an excellent instructor and made my six hours of behind the wheel a pleasure.  He was prompt and courteous and went out of his way to fit lessons into my busy schedule.

    Molly Wayne Hills High School
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